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I love the World. Not the world of Chicago or the world of Peter Oyloe but the World, the Earth, the Mother. From very early on in life I was facinated and enthralled by the greens and the blues, by the sounds, and the smells of the Natural World. It is certainly where I feel most at home. I have, in my life, come to function and participate in the Social Constructs of city life and I will say there are some things that I do very much enjoy about time spent in cities, but when it comes down to it I would trade it all to hike repeatedly around the World drinking water from streams and sleeping under the stars. I have been fortunate to have traveled quite a bit in my life thus far but I am by no means traveled out. There are places, like New Zealand and Costa Rica that I like to make return visits to, and soon I hope to visit new and exciting landscapes yet traveled by. Besides the Natural World, I love music and words, friends, good food, and sharing. I look forward to telling you more about things that I love in the coming months and I look forward to hearing more about what you love in return.

The Acoustic Guitar

I am in absolute love with this instrument. It is such a beautiful study in design and function. There are not many completely perfect things in this world, but I would say that a really well crafted acoustic guitar gets very close. First off it is a gorgeous object to behold, the curves, the colors of hand selected woods, the interplay between wood and metal, and the lines that send energy up and down the instruments body. Secondly it is truly alive. When you have a hand crafted instrument in your hands you know can see where it breathes and you can feel the vibrations that are the sign of its coming into being. I love that first strum on a well crafted instrument. Then thirdly you have its ultimate versatility and transportability. It is an instrument that is very much at home in many types and styles of music as well as being a very percussive and powerful mode of expression. Many of my favorite evenings were spent alone with an acoustic guitar making music. It is a very personal exchange on par with what you might have with only you most trusted and loved friends. Then lastly you have the sound! It is rich, it is bold, it is all together astonishing when the performer and the instrument are in union. I would recommend to see this in its best form to look up the acoustic stylings of Tim Reynolds. He knows how to pull the best from within himself and his instrument and he is a delight to watch on stage. He isn’t about the spectacle of show, though he is uncannily good at his craft, more so he is sharing a very private moment of an artist creating before your eyes. Don’t you ever take this instrument for granted! Please!?

The Moon

Since before I can remember I have been fascinated by the great Moon that lives within our night’s sky. It has made its way into many writings I have done and songs that I have sung. I was very fortunate to have grown up in a place where the lights of the city never could penetrate, therefor my view of the night’s sky was never harmed by the light that was never intended to shine. Countless nights have spent to the console of friends, locked in thought all the while the moon drew light upon dark places. It always makes me think… and dream.

New Zealand

This is one of the most wonderful places that I have ever been to, it contains some of my favorite memories and also some of my most favorite people I have ever known. As a person who can not think of a time that really mattered that was not somehow rooted in the natural world, there are few places in that world that contains such a glorious scape to explore. Covering 13 latitudinal degrees this small country contains, within its shores, most of the major climate zones, from subtropical in the North to tundra in the deep South. Mountain ranges scrape the sky and Pacific Ocean breezes change your hairstyle. This is a place I only really recommend to those who LOVE the outdoors, as why go to the cradle of adventure without wanting to see that which is before you!? I recommend visiting Nelson, on the South Island, and from there making many day trips to such profound places as Farewell Spit, and Arthur’s Pass. The New Zealand people, or Kiwis, are very kind people but please don’t talk to them about Australia, they are their own sovereign nation and share very little with their closest neighbor than Rugby and a similar accent. There are too many beautiful places to name them all here so perhaps you will just need to see it for yourself!?

David Attenborough Life of Series

In my opinion this is one of the most beautiful and fascinating series ever put to film. Narrated by the great David Attenborough this series celebrates and showcases many of the great natural wonders in this world we share. This series serves to put in perspective not only the majesty of the World and its creatures but how we has human beings have very little understanding of the World in which we live. Mr. Attenborough is a gentle presence who has devoted his life to the stewardship and care of the other inhabitants of this planet. Please watch this series and let me know what you think. Perhaps you will find a new appreciation for the air you breathe and the water you drink. This is LIFE.

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