Stuff Christian Likes

I really like large bookstores, walking with no place to go, listening to street performers, watching good children’s theatre, and swing dancing.

Slings & Arrows– Anyone who has been involved with a festival theatre or a summer theatre just has to watch this series. I have worked at a summer theatre for 6 of the past 7 summers, and after our season, i always have to watch at least one episode of this hilarious TV series. The series explores the trials and tribulations of trying to produce Shakespeare in the world of non-profit theatre. I had the pleasure of sharing some of the first season (of this 3 season show) with our 2010 interns, and they all just adored it. Much like “Waiting for Gufman,” this is a series that all people who work in the theatre must see! And, all three seasons are on Netflix instant Cue!!! Enjoy!

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