Pinocchio Workshops for Kids!

james-spider-kidsSaturday, Jan. 30th: 1pm Workshop /  3pm Show
Sunday, February 21st: 10am Workshop /  12pm Show

$35 (Includes show ticket price)

Kindergarten to 7th grade

Do you want to rehearse like Filament Theatre actors? Join one of our resident teaching artists at Filament Theatre for a Pinocchio workshop before the show. We will use the story of Pinocchio to play games, do acting and movement exercises, and generate our own version of Pinocchio within the workshop. After the class, enjoy Filament Theatre’s production of Pinocchio: A Folk Musical. Workshop price includes a ticket to the show.

Register by clicking below:
Saturday Jan 30th @ 1pm
Sunday, Feb 21st @ 10am

Click here for more info about Pinocchio.

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