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AdventurersGuildOfferFilament’s audiences are some of  the most enthusiastic in the city.   You have shown us that there is no limit to the adventures you’re willing to go on, and since 2008 you have helped Filament to produce 18 new plays, musicals, and workshops. Sure, we could play it safe and trot out the old chestnuts. But where’s the fun in that? At Filament you know that whether it’s a new musical or a sprawling site-specific romp through the neighborhood, you can expect an adventure.

You can be part of the adventure.

Let’s be honest. Playing it safe is less expensive. It’s easy for theatre programming to rely on name recognition, familiarity, and nostalgia to minimize risk and sell tickets. To develop new work, new storytelling methods, and to take theatre outside our venue requires more artists, more time, and more resources. By becoming a member of The Adventurers Club, you can join Filament in bringing more inventive, expansive, adventurous stories to Portage Park.

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