Ryan Westwood, a Filament favorite, returns to Filament to play a farewell concert before he embarks on a new adventure. With Filament, Ryan has performed in Crossing Six Corners, The Snow Queen, James and the Giant Peach and last February he played a Filament House Concert featuring his original songs and stories.

Ryan will be performing with special guests Laura Tatar and the a’capella group – No Big Deal.

About Ryan Westwood:
At twenty-two years old, Ryan set off for the bar district in Davenport, IA with a guitar in his hand and a sign that said “Tips Please” in his case. Three hours and 140 dollars later he had discovered one of his callings as a performer – busking.

Today, Ryan can be found performing for impromptu audiences, be it as a musician, juggler, unicyclist, or animal balloon-maker, from the Red Line subway to the sidewalks of Michigan Avenue to cities and towns all across the Midwest. It’s these audiences, in turn, that have helped inspire his music.

Ryan’s style, a classic coffeehouse folk/country “with a bit pop and a bit of the ’90s “, has its origins in the rich musical traditions of the Mississippi River communities that he comes from. The concert will be composed mostly of his original songs, as well as a set from his acapella group – No Big Deal.  But, as Ryan will be quick to point out, it’s about much more than just the music. “It will be a concert full of stories,” he says.

The concert will be a celebration of everything spectacular that he’s experienced in this incredible town over the last 3 years. He’ll weave in and out of stories about playing guitar on the streets and in the subways through the blazing heat and bitter cold, talk about everything wonderful that comes from living 76 feet away from Lake Michigan with some of his best friends, and play the songs that were inspired from it all.


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