New Orleans singer and songwriter, PAUL SANCHEZ returns to the Filament Theatre performance space with a very special evening of music and film. The two sets of Paul performing live will also feature the Chicago premier screening of the documentary “The Key To Me”.

Fans may know Paul Sanchez as a founding member of the rock band Cowboy Mouth having played with the band from 1990 to 2006, for his role in the HBO series TREME where he played himself, or as the creative force behind the musical, story NINE LIVES.

This special evening of music and movie will give new and existing fans a chance to experience a whole different side of Paul Sanchez and his art.

Though their house was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, Paul and his wife Shelly returned home to New Orleans to help revitalize its traditionally strong music scene.

Even as they faced this new chapter in their life together, Shelly received the shocking news that she had breast cancer. Paul walked away from his life long career and dedicated all of his time to the one thing more important than his music: Shelly, the love of his life. Follow Paul and Shelly’s journey through treatment and tribulations as they come full circle – from being a young, carefree couple, to their fight against the disease that would try to tear them apart and back to the music that brought them together in the first place.

Through music and interviews, the film by James Demaria, profiles the couple, their love, their lives and the impact that they have had on New Orleans. The story is one of life, of love and of songs, set against the vibrant backdrop of the Crescent City.


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