A Filament House Concert

New Orleans guitarist, JIMMY ROBINSON makes his Chicago solo debut at the Filament Theatre on Monday, June 16th. The best way to tell you about Robinson’s talent is to quote some of his reviewers:

A virtuoso of the 6 and 12 string acoustic guitar….combines excellent technique and workmanship with the best traditions of American songwriting….

A virtuoso guitarist, he demonstrates a sublime mastery of his instrument.

His technique is impeccable, but he never let’s it do it’s thinking for him.

Talent, emotion and plain old musicianship…Robinson is nothing short of brilliant.

Whether he is performing his own compositions or re-interpreting classics like The Byrd’s “Eight Miles High” or Led Zepplin’s “Kashmir” Jimmy’s playing will amaze and delight you. “Some guitar players caress the strings. Robinson attacks them with force and passion. He creates a vortex of musical maelstrom with tapping, slides and pulsating strumming.”

To find out more, you can visit www.JimmyRobinsonMusic.com.


Jimmy Robinson