Mark your calendars for Sunday, August 9 at 7pm. On that date, Filament will kick off its fundraising campaign for a brand new sound system (to replace our old broken one) with a concert featuring a variety of local musicians. By necessity, the concert will be completely acoustic and 100% unplugged.


Click “Donate For a Ticket” above, and you will be sent to our Sounds of Summer donation page. For every $10 you donate you will receive I ticket for this concert!


The line-up currently includes:
The Dirty Miners
Natalie Myre
Tim McNulty
Joanna Lind
The New Switcheroo
Dan Aranda
Melissa Schlesinger
…with more to be added as we get closer to the date!


Tickets for this concert will be available in the form of a donation to a Kickstarter-like campaign that you will find directly on the Filament website. Any donation amount over $5 will get you a seat at the concert. Please keep an eye out for the formal launch of this campaign very soon.
Thank you for being a Filament supporter!


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Looking forward to putting something special together for this one!

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